Meet Your Bridal Jewelry Designer And Two Be Wed Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Designer Noelle Kostraba


I am Noelle. I design customized bridal and formal jewelry for women like you who want quality and to express their distinctive style for their most celebrated, champagne occasions.

Using the finest elements, I provide a collaborative design service where quality and excellent customer service come first. The dilemma of what style bridal jewelry to wear for your wedding and what to get your bridal party is expertly taken care of. Gift boxed and delivered to your door. This is your wedding, so perfection it is! 

About Your Jewelry

Two Be Wed Jewelry is more than just jewelry; it’s a celebration of connection, creativity, and individuality. I understand that your journey to finding the perfect bridal and wedding party jewelry is a special one, and I am here to make it a joyous experience. At the heart of Two Be Wed Jewelry are the values that guide my craftsmanship and service. I believe in:

      Individuality ~ Embracing the diverse styles and personalities of every woman

  • Connection ~ Creating pieces that symbolize the profound connections between individuals
  • Heirloom Quality ~ Designing jewelry meant to be cherished for generations
  • Celebration ~ Celebrating the joy of lifelong friendships with jewelry gifts that transcend time


Purchasing your bridal and bridesmaid’s jewelry should be a pleasure, not an overwhelming task. Working with a bridal jewelry designer will make it so much easier. I want every bride to feel the excitement of designing their dream pieces from a single reliable source. 

You may order your jewelry exactly as pictured or you may send me photos of your dresses and I will match colors and help decide on length. Every piece of your bridal jewelry can be customized, meaning the colors, interchanging crystals with pearls, the lengths and metals. You also have the option of purchasing the whole jewelry set or individual pieces. Search the name of the collection you like and all the options for it will come up.

The link to the Swarovski and Preciosa crystal and pearl color charts are in the the bottom menu. These will help you decide what crystal and pearl colors will go with your chosen palette.


Falling in the demi-fine category, your jewelry creations feature only the finest elements available, such as genuine Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and pearls. Nickel-free jewelry is a must. Therefore, all chains, clasps and earring wires are SOLID sterling silver or gold-filled to avoid metal allergies. Many women have nickel allergies, around 12%. Your wedding is not the time to find out if one of your bridesmaids does, when during your ceremony, she is feverishly scratching her ears!  This is why quality matters most for a Bridesmaid’s jewelry gift. I personally, would want to give my best friends, the women who have always been there for me, a jewelry gift worthy of their friendship.


Anything worn for a wedding acquires sentimental value. Bridal Jewelry becomes an heirloom from the first bride to wear it. That’s why heirloom quality is so important for bridal jewelry to be gifted to future brides. As a family keepsake, your jewelry will be a precious piece of the past, handed down for generations. These are all the reasons why I created Two Be Wed Jewelry. 

How life events create designers

I started creating “jewelry” at the age of 4. My grandmother would save her finished spools of thread and shoelaces so I could make “necklaces”. She would proudly wear my creations when I visited. At about the age of 6, she took me to her friends bead shop where I just stood there in awe amoungst all the sparkles! I couldn’t believe a place like this existed. She allowed me to pick out crystals and pearls to make a bracelet, then taught me how to properly thread and tie knots. I thought I just made the most luxurious jewelry in the world.

Fast-forward to my own wedding. I couldn’t find any jewelry that was me. The simpler pieces were not very unique and they needed more… something. Some of the more sparkly pieces were too large and over-done for my dress and venue. Nothing in the middle spoke to me. Most of the bridal jewelry available was cheaply plated, base metal. The kind that turns your skin green. Definitely not the quality I was looking for. This was my WEDDING! Furthermore, I have metal allergies and not only wanted but needed higher quality jewelry for my wedding. (And throw in a few sparkles, please). This got me thinking. If I am having difficulty finding high quality, elegant bridal jewelry, others must be too.

Deciding to make my own bridal jewelry, I studied with a world-renowned jewelry instructor, Lana May and continued to take classes from her for two years on the weekends. My day job then was a salon owner. In between clients, I would work on my jewelry. Salon clients started to take notice and commissioned me to design pieces for their weddings. Brides and prom-goers would bring me photos of their dresses and I would design the pieces to match.

At this point, I needed to see if I had what it took to be a professional bridal jewelry designer. After all, these were my my clients and friends. I wanted to know what strangers thought. I entered four of my pieces into the Firemountain Gems Worldwide Beading Contest. To my astonishment, all four of my necklaces were finalists. I was so excited! I didn’t care if I won, I just wanted to be crutiqued by other designers. The decision to sell my salon was made and everything I had was invested into my re-discovered passion. A few years later, one of my collections was worn at the Oscars.








I have collaborated with thousands of brides through drawings, photos and phone calls. Are you ready to see YOUR vision come to life? Look through the collections and contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation call.