Barefoot Sandals

The dilemma…. What to wear on your feet for your destination beach wedding? Flip flops might not be the look you are going for, for an upscale wedding at a resort. Wedding Barefoot Sandals are your answer. These unique foot jewelry come in pairs and are hand beaded with the highest quality European crystals and crystal pearls. Solid sterling silver clasps are standard. Fireline is utilized in the crafting of these, not the plastic stretchy cord which can easily become your worst nightmare. Over time, stretchy cord will disintegrate and if it is not clamped properly your barefoot sandals can end up in a smattering of beads everywhere. Bridal foot jewelry designs by Two Be Wed Jewelry are the highest quality anywhere and that’s exactly the quality you want on the biggest day of your life. Plus there is a style for bridesmaids for a cohesive bridal party look.

  • FYI~ These destination wedding barefoot sandals are the guaranteed original designs by Noelle Kostraba of Two Be Wed Jewelry. I have been designing barefoot sandals since 2008. Sadly, my designs have been copied, which is illegal, using imitation materials and sold at ridiculously low prices, a sure sign of a fake so beware. The original Noelle Kostraba designs are only available here.

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