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Back Jewelry For Wedding Pave Ball Necklace Attachment Camryn


The Camryn crystal ball back necklace attachment will add magnificent sparkle to enhance your low back dress or bridal gown. Add a touch of color at the bottom by ordering the bottom crystal ball in your complimenting color! You may purchase the matching items in this collection here.

Backdrop Length * 

Put on any necklace and the dress you will be wearing. Measure from the necklace clasp down your back.

Bottom Crystal Ball Colors * 

A lot of women only want the bottom crystal ball to be colored and you can order this back necklace that way. You may also order the whole back necklace in the clear crystal ball beads.

Crystal Ball Color Within The Chain * 

You can have the bottom crystal a color and have the ones going up the chain clear or in the same color as you chose above. I am having trouble finding the Light Sapphire in the smaller, 6mm for within the chain. At this time it can only be ordered for the bottom.

Notes To Designer

Event Date

Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.


Back Jewelry For Wedding Pave Ball Necklace Attachment Sparkly Backdrop Necklace Camryn Collection

The Camryn back jewelry for wedding necklace attachment is to be worn with a necklace creating a backdrop necklace. Therefore, you will need a necklace of your own or purchase the matching one from the bridal set link below.

This attachment features a prong set 8mm Czech pave crystal ball bead at the bottom. Three 6mm crystal ball beads wire wrapped within the chain at 1″ intervals add more sparkle. The basic length of this sparkly backdrop necklace is 6.5″ and goes up to 11.5″. Contact me here for quotes on longer lengths.

Matching Bridal Jewelry Pieces to This Back Jewelry For Wedding

Also, this back jewelry for wedding attaches to your bridal necklace by inserting the ring into the clasp along with the necklace ring. Together with the necklace, this makes for a seductive duo. All necklace lobster clasps specifically from Two be Wed Jewelry will hold two rings. In fact, all jewelry is designed with solid sterling silver chains and ear wires and is nickel-free.

The sparkly backdrop attachment that comes with the Camryn Set is the starting length of 6.5″. Also, you may order the whole bridal jewelry set here.

Order from this page if you would like to:

1. Order the backdrop attachment only

2. Purchase a longer backdrop

Are you envisioning a more dramatic backdrop attachment? Maybe 2 strands? Then visit the 2 Strand Backdrop section so that you will sparkle even more!

Are you wanting to add your something blue in a more glamours way? Be sure to read this article before deciding on your wedding day jewelry. Then visit the Something Blue section.