• Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry
  • Double pearl Backdrop Necklace Attachment
  • Double Pearl Bridal Bracelet with Crystal Rondelle accents

Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry Swarovski Pearl Crystal Shannon


The Shannon Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry featuring a double pearl pendant is a beautiful gift for your Bridesmaids. The backdrop attachment will emphasize a backless dress for an evening wedding. The matching Bridal Set for you can be found here.

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Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry Swarovski Double Pearl Rondelle Crystal Shannon Collection

Jewelry is nickel free.  Your Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry sets will be delivered boxed with a bow ready to give to your bridesmaids.

This is the Berry Bridesmaid Jewelry version of the Shannon Bridal Collection. The Bridal version of the necklace has two extra sections of accents on either side of the necklace.

The Shannon Bridesmaid necklace features a 8mm Swarovski pearl in Blackberry, topped with a silver, wavy, rondelle crystal bead then a 6mm pearl. The link chain is solid sterling silver with a lobster clasp.

Included in this set are the coordinating earrings. They dangle 1″ off of the solid sterling silver ball hook ear wires. Clear earring backs are included for extra security.

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The  perfect complement to the set is the bracelet which features 4 sections of 6mm pearls divided by the rondelles and a lobster clasp.

The backdrop falls 7.75″ from the necklace clasp. It has 3 sections of pearls and rondelle crystals matching the bracelet with the same pendant at the bottom as the necklace and earrings.

***If you are ordering more than one set*** If your bridesmaids vary in wrist size more than 1/2″, please contact me here to order. I will need to take your order personally to accommodate different measurements of bridesmaids. However, if they all have a size within 1/2″ then you can order them all from here. Order the largest measurement of your bridal party.

The Shannon Bridal Jewelry Collection is here. In this listing you may purchase the single strand backdrop.

If you are looking for the matching bridal set with a 2-strand backdrop you can find it here on my other site, Noelle Kostraba Collections.


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