• Swarovski Crystal Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace Sapphire BlueJewelry Set Lariat Necklace
  • Wedding Bracelet for Bride. Sterling Silver chain with segments of bicone crystals.
  • Dangle Crystal Earrings Teardrop Crystal Bridal Earrings Swarovski Drop Sterling Silver
  • Black Lariat Necklace
  • Tourmaline Green Crystal Lariat Necklace. Solid sterling silver.
  • Aquamarine Lariat Necklace Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver
  • Pink Crystal Bridesmaid Lariat Necklace Light Rose Sterling Silver Chain.
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  • Sterling Silver Backdrop Lariat Necklace with Teardrop Crystal Pendants.
  • Back Drop for Wedding Necklace. Teardrop and Bicone Crystals with Sterling Silver Chain.
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  • Crystal Silver Lariat Necklace Luxury Bridal Jewelry
  • Lariat style Mother of the Bride Necklace Sterling Silver. Customizable Colors.

Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace Sapphire Crystal Stacey


This Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace is a stunning lariat-style. If wearing a low back dress the backdrop is a must. The gallery shows more available colors but please contact me for requests. ┬áSearch “Stacey” to see everything in this collection including bridal and bridesmaids sets.

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The teardrop crystals are always done in clear or clear AB because Swarovski does not make the 10mm teardrops in very many colors.

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This is your wrist measurement, not the length of the bracelet. Please use a fabric measuring tape or a string, snug but not tight.

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Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace Sapphire Crystal Lariat Stacey Collection

This Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace features a lariat, which is two asymmetrical strands. The strands split from a center crystal. This example is in sapphire blue. Each pendant of the lariat necklace features a clear or clear AB 10mm teardrop Swarovski crystal stacked with 6 and 4mm bicone crystals.

There are two sections of accents going up either side of the sterling silver chain. Furthermore, this necklace style is a very versatile design that will be worn long after the wedding.

Additionally and included in the set, the drop crystal earrings hang about 1″ from the ball hook ear wires and have the same teardrop crystal pendant.


~A note about quality. Everyone wants the highest quality for their most memorable events. You also want to be assured that when you want to wear these pieces again for another champagne occasion, that your jewelry will have stood the test of time.

This is why Two Be Wed Jewelry creates your nickel-free jewelry sets with the finest quality solid sterling silver or gold-filled chains and earring wires. Always nickel and lead-free.


Additional Matching Pieces for Your Blue Mother of the Bride Necklace


  • Coupled with the sapphire blue lariat necklace, the backdrop attachment is on trend with a low back dress. Also, this design repeats the in the necklace and bracelet. The backdrop falls 7.75″ from the necklace clasp and inserts with a ring.


  • Similarly, the optional matching bracelet duplicates the embellishments of the necklace. It has three segments of them and a lobster clasp.


If there is something you would like me to create for you, please send photos of your dress and some ideas of the look you would like. Collaborating with people to make your dream jewelry is always my pleasure.


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