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Green Choker Swarovski Crystal Necklace


This green choker features a stunning, green Swarovski crystal shade called Fern Green. The clear, crystal rondelles give it just the right amount of extra sparkle.

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Crystal Color

This color “Fern Green” is a bright medium green. Please choose your color from the color chart in the gallery photos if this is not the exact shade you are looking for. A shade lighter would be Peridot and Erinite would be about the same shade but not as bright.

Clear/Colored Crystal -or- AB Coated Crystal * 

The AB after the color means that the crystal has an Aurora Borealis/opalescent coating on one side of the crystal for extra sparkle. You may choose your clear or colored crystal with this option.

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This is your actual wrist measurement not how long the bracelet will be. Use a fabric measuring tape, snug but not tight.

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Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Green Choker Swarovski Crystal Necklace Crystelle Collection

This green choker is a color everyone looks beautiful in it! Because it is neither cool nor warm it goes well with everyone’s skin tone. The color of this green Swarovski crystal necklace is amazing. A bright mid-range green, like a beautiful backyard lawn. Large 8, 6 and 4mm round, Swarovski fern green crystals, separated by rondelle clear crystal spacer beads, make the focal piece of the crystal choker. The crystals are wire wrapped within the silver* chain. The necklace has a lobster clasp. This greenery jewelry set will look incredible with any shade of green prom dress.

Additional pieces of the Crystelle Collection to add to Your Green Swarovski Crystal Choker

The star of the show is the green backdrop attachment. You can create a backdrop necklace by attaching it into the choker clasp with the ring at the top. This extra piece is to be worn with a low back dress. It is pictured here in clear. When you order it, you will receive it in fern green. The day I was going to photograph the backdrop attachment and the bracelet, I got a rush order for it. The backdrop length is 6.5″. 3 sections of crystals and rondelles are set between segments of chain. The bottom pendant is a 10mm round crystal topped with an 8 and 6mm.

The fern green, round crystal earrings are made with the same size crystals as the choker necklace and backdrop. They hang approx. 1″ from the silver* ear wires.

The bracelet has a nice weight to it while still being on the delicate side. 4 Sections of 6 and 4mm crystals with rondelles are wrapped between segments of chain.

If greenery isn’t the exact shade you are looking for, you may contact me here to custom order another shade like erinite or emerald. Go here to see other sets in green with crystals and pearls.

*All chain and earring wires are solid sterling silver and nickel free to prevent metal allergies.