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  • Swarovski Crystal Backdrop Necklace

Periwinkle Jewelry Provence Lavender Crystal Lariat Necklace Stacey


This dreamy periwinkle bridesmaid jewelry set features a lariat necklace with teardrop Swarovski crystals. If your Bridesmaids are wearing a low back dress, consider adding the elegant backdrop for a formal evening wedding.

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Please measure your wrist with a fabric measuring tape or a string, snug but not tight.

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Please keep in mind the longest lariat strand is 3″.

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The 10mm drops are very limited in colors so I always do them in Clear or Clear AB.

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If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Periwinkle Jewelry Provence Lavender Crystal Lariat Necklace Stacey Collection

Photo coming soon! You can see the set in violet here and you can look at the color chart here.

I designed the Stacey Periwinkle Jewelry Set with Swarovski Provence Lavender crystal and clear AB teardrops. This Lariat Necklace has a 17″ base chain so the longest, 3inch teardrop strand won’t drop very far down into the cleavage for most women. The two lariat necklace pendants are created with a 10mm teardrop Swarovski crystal in clear AB, topped with a 6mm bicone Provence Lavender crystal (which is really periwinkle) and alternating.

Matching Pieces to the Periwinkle Jewelry Collection

A perfect coordinating option are the earrings. They hang 1″ and include transparent backs for extra security.

The backdrop attachment is the last element of the Periwinkle Bridesmaid Jewelry collection. It adds an elegant touch and brings attention to an open back gown. It hangs 7.75″. It has a ring at the top that will slide into the clasp of the lariat necklace. If you would like a longer backdrop, visit the backdrop attachment page and add it separately to your cart. Just don’t add the backdrop from this page.

The Bridal Jewelry Set for you is here! If you are looking for the more glamorous version, with the double backdrop and two-strand earrings, it is here on my other site, Noelle Kostraba Collections.

The lariat necklace teardrops are always done in clear or clear AB because the teardrop colors are very limited.  If this isn’t the exact shade you are needing, the color chart is here for other options. It is located in the bottom footer menu of the site as well.

All chains and earring wires are solid sterling silver.