• Simple Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings 10mm Pearls
  • Large Pearl Solitaire Necklace
  • Solitaire Pearl Back Necklace Attachment
  • 8mm Swarovski Pearl and sterling silver dainty chain Bracelet

Simple Pearl Necklace Large Pearl Bridal Jewelry Grace


This simple

pearl bridal jewelry featuring Large, 10mm size pearls is the Grace Collection. This is for the bride who wants her jewelry to have some significance but not to deter from a predominately beaded gown. The backdrop adds interest to the back side which sometimes gets forgotten.





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Simple Pearl Necklace Large Solitaire Pearl Bridal Jewelry Grace Collection

The Grace simple pearl necklace is designed with Swarovski large solitaire pearl in 10mm. It is a simple, minimalist look but a noticeable set. Most solitaire pearl necklace sets are 6mm. While this is a little boulder, it is still a classic look, but more modern.

A perfect compliment to this simple pearl necklace are the earrings. Also 10mm, Swarovski pearls they are a classic style with a bolder vintage 60s feel.

I give you two options on the bracelet if you choose to add it to your collection. I just couldn’t decide on the pearl size so it is up to you. If you love a chunky, retro look then choose the larger pearls, matching the necklace and earring size. If you want a little less then choose the 8mm pearl size.

The backdrop is 6″ of gorgeous! The bold, 10mm pearl is at the bottom and the pearls get smaller as the chain goes up.

All of these pieces are designed with the finest quality materials. Solid sterling silver chains and ear wires are standard and have a plastic bumper back for added security.