• Graduated Bicone Crystals Floating Within Sterling Silver Chain
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  • Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Bracelett
  • Bicone Crystal Drop Earrings

Swarovski Choker With Back Necklace Jillian


Graduating in size from 4 up to 8mm, bicone crystals are a gorgeous diamond shape in this Swarovski choker necklace with backdrop attachment. Perfect if you are wearing a low back gown and like a daintier, lighter design.

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Clear AB has an opalescent finish on one side of the crystal for extra sparkle.

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Swarovski Choker With Back Necklace Graduated Size Bicone Crystal Jillian Collection

This Swarovski choker with backdrop will be amazing with your low back dress or gown. A Swarovski backdrop necklace is this decade’s formal back jewelry must have. The classic, timeless style of the graduated size crystals of this Swarovski bicone crystal necklace is an understated glamorous look that we all love. You see it everywhere in jewelry design because it is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

This set consists of the bridal choker and backdrop attachment. This collection is designed on a smaller scale than most of my other collections. There are times when less is more and you just want a little sparkle, like when your dress is very busy but the back is open. Or you just might prefer daintier pieces. Either way, this Swarovski choker with back necklace can be worn for many occasions from prom to your company holiday party.

The Swarovski backdrop necklace attachment hangs 6.5″ from the back of the necklace. The bottom pendant matches the earrings and 3 segments of 4 and 6mm bicone crystals go up the chain. At the top there is a ring that attaches into the necklace clasp. If you would like a longer backdrop, visit the backdrop attachments page and add the Jillian backdrop to your cart from there.

Additional Pieces of the Jillian Collection to add to Your Swarovski Choker Necklace

The crystal dangle earrings hang 1″ from the bottom of the sterling silver* ball hook ear wires. They will come with a plastic back for extra security.

The bracelet has 4 sections of crystals matching the pattern of the backdrop and a lobster clasp.

* All Jewelry created by Two Be Wed Jewelry is nickel free to prevent metal allergies. Solid sterling silver chains, clasps and earring wires are used in every set.

Contact me here if you would like a style in another color.