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Swarovski Pearl Necklace Chain Choker Bridesmaid Piper


The Piper graduating size pearl bridal jewelry is a beautiful choice for any bridesmaid dress. This design comes in colors as well so be sure to look in those sections or you may also choose a color from the color chart in the bottom footer menu of the site.

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Swarovski Pearl Necklace Chain Choker Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Piper Collection

The Piper Swarovski Pearl Necklace is designed with 5 Swarovski pearls which are 8, 6 and 4mm. They are wire wrapped into sterling silver chain creating the focal piece. This chain choker was meant to be worn as a choker but by all means, order it in the length you prefer.

Other Pieces in this Collection to add to Their Bridesmaid Jewelry

Also available are the earrings which are created with the same size pearls and have solid sterling silver ear wires. Clear plastic backs are included for peace of mind. The choker and earrings will make a great bridesmaid jewelry set but you may add additional pieces to these.

The optional bracelet has 4, sections of pearls with a lobster clasp. If your bridal party has vastly different wrist measurements please contact me here instead to order. I will have to take your order off the site as it does not support that variable in multiples. If they are all within 1/2″ you may order them from this page. However, order the largest size for all.

If your bridesmaids are wearing an open back dress, you might choose to add on the 7.75″ backdrop. Coupled with the chain choker, this pair creates the right touch of romance and glamour. It is designed with three sections of the pearls and the same pendant at the bottom as the earrings.

All chains and ear wires are solid sterling silver and nickel-free. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about metal allergies on your big day.

Furthermore, if you are looking for something more elaborate for yourself visit my other site here. This is where I hide the really head-turning, dazzling backdrop necklaces. You may order the backdrops longer and even 2 strands if you like.


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