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Yellow Stone Jewelry Lariat Necklace Jonquil Swarovski Crystal


This pastel, pale yellow,  Swarovski crystal, lariat necklace in Jonquil will match a butter yellow dress perfectly. If you have a low back dress consider adding the backdrop! If you would like a longer backdrop visit the backdrop attachment page and add it separately to your cart.

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Wrist Measurement or No Bracelet * 

Please measure your wrist with a fabric measuring tape or a string, snug but not tight.

Necklace Length * 

Please keep in mind the longest lariat is 3″.

Drop and Larger Bicone Crystal Color * 

The 10mm drops are very limited in colors so I always do them in Clear or Clear AB.

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Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Pale Yellow Stone Jewelry Lariat Necklace Jonquil Swarovski Crystal Stacey Collection

This yellow stone jewelry is created with a gorgeous pale yellow, Swarovski crystal color called jonquil. The color is almost a real butter color. The Stacey pale yellow lariat necklace was designed with a 17″ silver* necklace base. You don’t want the longest, 3″ teardrop to drop too far down into your cleavage. This is a good length for women of short to average height. However, if you are taller, a longer necklace is suggested. The crystal lariat necklace pendant features 2, 10mm Swarovski teardrop crystals in clear AB (this example), topped with 6 and 4mm bicones in jonquil.

Additional Pieces to add to Your Pale Yellow Stone Lariat Necklace

A backdrop necklace attachment is the ideal finishing piece of the collection to accentuate a backless dress. After all, it is beautiful for prom or any formal occasion. It hangs 7.75″ from the lariat necklace clasp. The design of the backdrop necklace attachment matches the bracelet with three sections of crystals and the single, bottom pendant matches the earrings.

Coordinating earrings share the same pendant with the backdrop necklace. The earrings hang 1″ from the silver* ball hook ear wires. Included is a clear, plastic back for piece of mind.

A beautiful complement to your collection is the matching bracelet. It features four segments of 4 and 6mm bicone crystals in clear and jonquil Swarovski crystal with a lobster clasp.

In addition, if you would like to order a longer backdrop necklace, you can order it separately from the Backdrop Attachment section, search Stacey. Be sure  to leave the backdrop attachment box on this page unchecked if  you are ordering a longer backdrop.

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You may also find something you love in the Yellow Bridesmaid Jewelry section.

*All jewelry by Two Be Wed Jewelry is created with solid sterling silver ear wires, chains and clasps.