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Aquamarine Something Blue Bracelet Swarovski Crystal Stacey


This something blue aquamarine crystal wedding bracelet adds a touch of your something blue and sparkle around your wrist. The matching lariat necklace and backdrop attachment are the perfect accompaniment.

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Aquamarine Something Blue Bracelet Swarovski Crystal Stacey Collection

The Stacey aquamarine something blue bracelet is designed with 3 sections of 4mm and 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals. They are wire-wrapped between sections of chain. The solid sterling silver chain is 2mm in width but the links themselves are a little thicker for strength. The 1st photo is of clear AB crystals and an aquamarine crystal in the middle. This wedding bracelet has a lobster claw clasp.

Matching Pieces to Your Aquamarine Blue Wedding Bracelet

The lariat necklace is a huge favorite. Two asymmetrical strands of 10mm Swarovski teardrops, topped with bicones, create the pendants. These hang down 3″. The length is made at 17″ so the lariats don’t fall too far into your cleavage. If you are a taller woman, please measure and order a longer length accordingly.

The earrings are identical to the design of the lariat pendants. They hang 1″ from the sterling silver, ball hook earring wires.

The something blue backdrop attachment adds some unexpected glam that will definitely turn heads. Pair this with with your backless gown. Similarly, it is the same design as the aquamarine wedding bracelet and falls 7.75″ from your necklace clasp.

Additionally, if you are one of those that can’t get enough sparkles, visit the Two Strand Back Necklace page here. Bridal jewelry sets with double the sparkle await you.

Also, this whole bridal jewelry set is also available with the aquamarine crystal accents on each piece.