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Blue Choker Necklace Something Blue Pave Ball Camryn


The Camryn solitaire crystal ball choker is a gorgeous way to wear your something blue. A simple sparkly bead at the throat is a classic look that will go with any gown.  If you are wearing a low back gown, consider the allure of a backdrop attachment.





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Blue Choker Necklace Something Blue Bridal Jewelry Camryn Collection

This blue choker necklace is a minimalist style version of the Camryn collection. It features a solitaire, 8mm Czech pave ball in light sapphire. It is wire wrapped into the 2mm, sterling chain. All the crystals in the pave sphere are prong set, so it looks pave but you will not have to worry about losing a crystal. This single crystal ball necklace looks ridiculously sexy in this 16″choker length. Combined with the backdrop attachment, you can be sparkling from all angles!

Additional Coordinating Pieces to Wear With Your Blue Choker Necklace

The backdrop is an unexpected enhancement to a backless gown. It hangs 6.5″ from the necklace clasp. You attach the back drop with the ring at the top into the necklace clasp. As a matter of fact, this gives you so much more versatility.

Wear this pave ball back necklace for your wedding with a open back dress and again on your honeymoon, without the attachment. This also makes a lovely, classic everyday necklace.

Additionally, there are 2 choices for the style of earring. You may order the matching blue sparkle ball earrings with a 1″ chain or no chain.

Similarly, the coordinating bracelet has three, 8mm pave ball beads and a lobster clasp. This can be done in all blue, all clear or a light sapphire ball in the middle with clear on each side.

All Jewelry by Two Be Wed Jewelry is designed with the highest quality materials.  Solid sterling silver chains and earring wires are standard. Included are silicone backs for added security.

There is another Camryn set that is still very dainty but has a few more pave spheres going up the chain. However, this can only be made in the light sapphire blue for the main stone. Contact me for any other design options.