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Jewelry For Bridesmaids 3 Stone Necklace Swarovski Crystal Demetria


This classic styling of the Three Stone Bridesmaid Jewelry Set will go perfectly with any bridesmaid dress. The backdrop necklace will be stunning if they are wearing a low back gown. All chains and earring wires are solid sterling silver.

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If you choose black the whole backdrop and bracelet will have black crystal links like the necklace pendant. If you choose blue, the link crystals in the bracelet and backdrop will be in clear. The pendant will be blue.

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If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Jewelry For Bridesmaids 3 Stone Necklace Swarovski Crystal Demetria Collection

The Demetria Jewelry For Bridesmaids Set includes a 3 stone necklace pendant that is 1″ in length. The crystal sizes within the Swarovski pendant are 8, 6 and 4mm. The pendant is thickly plated in sterling silver over brass. Swarovski has extremely strict plating thickness specifications. The chain is sterling solid silver and has a large enough lobster clasp to accommodate 2 rings. This is to attach the Backdrop Necklace Attachment making this into a backdrop necklace.

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The Earrings feature the same 3 stone necklace pendants which are on solid sterling silver ball hook ear wires. They include a clear plastic back for security and are nickel free to prevent metal allergies.

The bracelet features four, Swarovski crystal links connected to segments of thin silver chain to create a look of floating crystals around their wrists.

The Backdrop Necklace Attachment hangs 7″ and has 3 of the same links, duplicating the bracelet design. The Backdrop Necklace attaches to the necklace clasp with a ring at the top. Together with the necklace, they make a dramatic combination.

However, if you would like a longer backdrop necklace, visit the backdrop attachment page and add the backdrop separately to your cart from there.

You may also order this Three Stone Bridesmaid Jewelry Set in Clear AB which means it has an opalescent finish on the crystals that will reflect shades of blue, purple and pink. Perfect for a summertime outdoor wedding.

This collection is also available in a bridal set with a 2-strand backdrop that you can order in longer lengths here on my other site, Noelle Kostraba Collections.

If you are looking for something a little simpler this might be perfect.