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Something Blue Anklet Aquamarine Swarovski Davina


Display your something blue in a sparkly way with a something blue wedding anklet. This classic aquamarine crystal will add a light pop of color. To display more something blue, add as much of the set as you like.

If you ordered the bracelet above, this is your wrist measurement, not the bracelet length. Please measure with a fabric tape, snug but not tight.

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Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Something Blue Anklet Something Blue Aquamarine Davina

This something blue anklet is part of the Davina bridal jewelry collection. It features an 8mm Swarovski aquamarine crystal and a solid sterling silver chain. The aquamarine crystal is set into a Swarovski 4 prong setting which is very thickly sterling silver plated over brass.

All bridal anklets from Two Be Wed Jewelry are custom made, therefore, please measure your ankle before ordering. Something blue anklets are an on-trend, sparkly way to display this tradition. All bridal jewelry is nickel-free.

Add to Your Something Blue Anklet With These Matching Pieces

You may also search “Davina” on this site to see all the design options for this collection. There are also bridesmaid colors and a bridal set in clear.

  • The aquamarine bridal necklace features the same pendant and the basic length is 18″.
  • The backdrop necklace attachment is made with clear links up the chain and an aquamarine bottom pendant. Together with the necklace it creates a backdrop necklace. Perfect to wear if you are going with a backless gown.
  • Additionally, dangle style earrings in aquamarine hang from a sterling silver ear wire with a ball hook. Silicone backings are included.

To keep a cohesive look for your wedding, this design is available in bridal and bridesmaids colors. Be sure to visit the bridesmaid jewelry section. If you see a design in a color that is not listed please contact me. An anklet can be made in almost any bridal jewelry set design as well, so please reach out if you need something custom.