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Something Blue Jewelry Bridal Back Necklace Teardrop Pearl Rachel


The Rachel Blue Bridal Back Jewelry necklace attachment will be a head turning addition to your low back bridal gown. The perfect way to display your “something blue.” You may purchase the matching items in this collection here.

Backdrop Length * 

Put on any necklace and the dress you will be wearing. Measure from the necklace clasp down your back.

Event Date

Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.


Something Blue Jewelry Bridal Back Necklace Teardrop Pearl Crystal Ball Rachel Collection

There is a trick to wearing something blue jewelry for your wedding. You want it to look elegant and not too much. In other words, not overdone and tacky. This blue bridal back necklace attachment is the perfect little accent. Wear this gorgeous sparkly piece with your backless or low back gown. It features a 10mm Swarovski teardrop pearl in Light Blue, topped with a 6mm Czech pave crystal ball. However, this is not a true pave ball as the crystals are prong set. Therefore, it’s better so you don’t have to worry about losing a stone, but with the same pave look and more secure! Three Sections of 6mm crystal ball beads sandwiched between 4mm pearls (in your base pearl color like white or ivory) are wire wrapped into the chain.

This bridal back necklace attaches to your necklace by inserting the ring into the clasp along with the necklace ring. All necklace lobster clasps by Two Be Wed Jewelry will hold two rings.

This listing for the backdrop only gives you a selection of lengths. If you would like it in other colors, search Rachel on this site. The basic length is 7.5″ and goes up to 13.5″ if you would like a very long back necklace. If you would like this even longer, feel free to contact me for a price quote here.

Click here to order the whole Rachel teardrop pearl bridal jewelry set.

The backdrop that comes with the Rachel Bridal Jewelry Collection is the basic length of 7.5″. If you want to order the full set but need a longer backdrop, order from this page and uncheck the backdrop attachment box on the other collection page.

Also, to order the back necklace only, by itself or to order a longer backdrop with the whole set, place your order on this page.

Looking for the more elaborate version of this collection with a 2-strand backdrop? It is here on my other site, Noelle Kostraba Collections.

*All jewelry is handmade and nickel free. It is designed with the finest quality solid sterling silver chains and ear wires.