• Station Bracelet. Three 4mm round crystals wire wrapped between solid sterling silver chain.
  • Two Initial Personalized Necklace
  • Sterling Silver 2 initial Lariat Necklace with crystals
  • 1.5" long earrings in sterling silver with a 4mm round crystal dangle at the top and a 6mm round crystal at the bottom of the chain.
  • Pendant Attachment for Necklace. Quality European Round crystals with solid sterling silver chain attach to the necklace clasp to be worn with a backless dress.

Station Bracelet Minimalist Silver With Crystals Dana


This station bracelet is designed with the highest quality European round crystals. This is part of the Dana collection which also features a personalized, 2 initial, in cursive script, lariat bridal necklace.

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Station Bracelet Minimalist Silver With Crystals Dana Collection

This station bracelet with round shaped crystals is part of the Dana Collection.

Four sections of 4mm European round crystals are wire wrapped into the solid sterling silver 2mm chain. The photo is of Clear AB crystals. The bracelet has a lobster claw clasp.

Coordinating Pieces to go With Your Station Bracelet

  • The 2 initial, lariat-style bridal necklace itself, brings together an 17″ sterling silver chain with wire-wrapped embellishments. It features 2 pendants created with 10mm cursive, script initials. Also, the chain has 4mm crystals wire wrapped into the chain.
  • In the same fashion, the long chain earrings are just as lovely and hang a little over 1.5″ from the sterling silver ear wires. Complimentary silicone backs are included.
  • Together with the necklace, the backdrop attachment will definitely be tomorrow’s heirloom. Correspondingly, 4mm round shaped crystals are wrapped between the chain and a 6mm crystal falls at the bottom. Delicate and stunning.

Furthermore, if you are someone that lives for sparkles, a visit to the Two Strand Back Necklace page here is a must.