• Turquoise Blue Jewelry For Bridesmaids,Beach Wedding. Sterling silver chain.
  • Sparkly Pearl Necklace
  • Pearl and Sparkle Ball Backdrop Attachment Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver Chain Pearls and crystal ball beads.
  • Pearl Dangle Earrings Pave Crystal Ball Hannah
  • Blue Wedding Jewelry Sparkly Backdrop Bridal Necklace
  • 2 Strand Pearl and Pave Rhinestone Backdrop Necklace
  • Bridal Bracelet Sparkly Pearl and rhinestones between sections of sterling silver chain. Heirloom quality

Turquoise Blue Jewelry Swarovski Pearl Sparkly Hannah


This sparkly turquoise blue jewelry set is the perfect amount of bling, not to outshine the bride of course. If your your bridesmaids are wearing a low back gown, accent it with the matching backdrop. The Bridal Set for you, is here.

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If ordering the bracelet, this is the wrist measurement not the bracelet length. Please measure with a fabric measuring tape or a string, snug but not tight.

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If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.


Turquoise Blue Jewelry Swarovski Pearl Sterling Silver Hannah Collection

The Hannah turquoise blue jewelry necklace accents their neckline beautifully. Featuring an 8mm round turquoise Swarovski pearl, topped with a 5.5mm Czech pave crystal ball bead pendant. (To me, as an artist, the color of the pearl is an aqua, more blue and no green. Most true turquoise stone has a blue-green color.) The pearl has a shiny finish, not a satin finish like a natural pearl.

Together with the earrings these pieces make up the traditional set. The earrings feature the same pendant and include a clear plastic back for extra security. The pendant  hangs 3/4″from the solid sterling silver ball hook earring wires.

Additional Pieces to add to The Turquoise Blue Jewelry

  • Add the coordinating bracelet for more pops of your theme color. It has three segments of 5mm crystal ball beads flanked on each side with 4mm turquoise pearls. If you are ordering multiple bracelets and your bridesmaids have varying wrist measurements, please list the measurements in the “Note to Noelle” box. Then using the dropdown, select the most popular size.
  • The backdrop attachment matches the bracelet pattern. It is an absolute must to add this piece to their collection if you have chosen an open back bridesmaid’s dress. The back chain hangs 7.5″ and has the same pendant as the necklace and earrings at the bottom. It attaches to the necklace with a ring inserted into the clasp. Putting these two pieces together makes a backdrop necklace.

Lastly, Two Be Wed Jewelry creates heirloom quality bridal and bridesmaid jewelry. Therefore, every piece is nickel-free. The finest quality solid sterling silver or gold-filled metals are standard.

Also, because almost every collection is completely customizable, if you have any ideas you want to discuss please contact me. I love custom jewelry orders.