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Wedding Day Bracelet Crystal and Pearl Silver Bella


The Bella Bridal Bracelet is a very dainty design with 4 sections of 6 and 4mm Swarovski crystals and pearls alternating with 2mm thick solid sterling silver chain and a lobster clasp.

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Measure the wrist with a fabric tape or a string and a ruler, snug but not tight. If all your bridesmaids have the same size wrist you may order by selecting the wrist measurement below. If they are all different sizes please list their sizes below in the next section’s text box and check the bottom selection in this section.

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Example: 1 bracelet 6.5″ and 3 bracelets at 7″.

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Wedding Day Bracelet Crystal and Pearl Bella Bridal Jewelry Collection

The Bella crystal and pearl wedding day bracelet is designed with 6mm genuine Swarovski bicone crystals and 4mm Swarovski pearls.  4 sections are wire wrapped into the solid sterling silver chain. Although the chain is a dainty looking 2mm in width, each link has a nice thickness so that it still has a nice sturdiness. This bracelet and backdrop have a matching pattern for a cohesive look.

Additional Bridal Jewelry Pieces to add to Your Wedding Day Bracelet

The matching necklace features the exact  1″ pendant as the earrings and backdrop. As well as sections (2 on each side) of embellishments of 6mm crystals flanked with 4mm pearls. These are wrapped into the 18″ silver chain. The closure is a lobster clasp large enough to hold two rings one for the necklace and one for the optional backdrop attachment.

If your gown has a low back, you must consider this elegant back piece. The crystal and pearl  backdrop is 7.5″ in length and duplicates the wedding day bracelet pattern. Together with the necklace this makes a glamours statement. Likewise, the bottom pendant is identical to the necklace and earrings. The back necklace has a ring at the top that slips into the necklace clasp.

Similarly, the earring pendants hang from sterling silver ball hook earring wires. Equally important, clear, plastic backs are included for peace of mind on the dance floor.

Another gorgeous drop crystal bridal jewelry set is the Stacey. It is a gorgeous lariat design.

If you are needing for more dramatic bridal jewelry maybe for an evening wedding, please visit the Two Strand Back Necklaces page here.