• Y Necklace Sterling Silver Teardrop Crystals
  • Bridal Dress Back Jewelry Silver
  • Round Crystal with sterling silver chain Wedding Bracelet
  • Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Earrings
  • Teardrop crystal Pendant Bridesmaid Necklace with sterling silver chain.

Y Necklace Teardrop Pendant Bridal Jewelry Crystal Chaney


The Chaney teardrop crystal bridal jewelry collection would be perfect with any style bridal gown. The more simple, matching bridesmaid’s collection can be made in almost any crystal color to match your color scheme. Search your color in the Bridesmaid’s sections.

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Clear AB is shown in the photographs. It has an opalescent finish one one side of the crystal for extra sparkle.

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If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Y Necklace Teardrop Pendant Bridal Jewelry Crystal Chaney Collection

Get ready for romance with this y necklace teardrop pendant bridal jewelry collection.

Hanging from the 17″ necklace is the teardrop pendant. Designed with a 2″ section of chain and a 1″ pendant for a total of a 3″ drop from the necklace base.

The drop is created with a 10mm teardrop Czech crystal topped with a 4mm silver rondelle spacer bead. The rondelles have tiny, 2mm, crystals inlaid and channel set all the way around. Perched on top is a 4mm round crystal. The 2mm in diameter necklace chain has beautiful, intricate embellishments of 6 and 4mm round crystals, separated by the rondelles. There are two sections on each side of the focal.

In spite of the daintiness of the chain, the individual links have a nice thickness. Therefore, making it very solid heirloom quality, bridal jewelry.

Additional Bridal Jewelry Pieces to add to Your Y Necklace

  • Paired with the necklace, the earrings make a perfect set. The same teardrop pendant hangs from a ball hook earring wire of solid sterling silver.
  • Most brides these days are going a little sexier with their gowns. If you happen to be dreaming of a backless one, you will want to consider what jewelry to wear with it. That is a lot of open real estate back there! A backdrop attachment is the perfect piece to add that head-turning glamour you deserve on your big day.  7.75 of crystals will fall down your back when you couple this with the necklace. The backdrop attachment features the same bottom teardrop pendant as the necklace and earrings.
  • Similarly, the bracelet and backdrop have the same sections of 6 and 4mm crystals separated by silver rondelle crystal spacer beads. The bracelet has a lobster clasp.

Furthermore, matching bridesmaid jewelry can be found here. However, the necklace is a simpler version without the side embellishments, shown in last photo.

Be assured that all jewelry is designed with the finest quality materials. Solid sterling silver chains and earring wires are Two Be Wed Jewelry’s design standard so that there will be no allergies to nickel. Earrings have a plastic bumper back for added peace of mind.