Bridal Backdrop Necklaces

Back Necklaces Attachments For Bridal JewelryAll bridal backdrop necklaces from Two Be Wed Jewelry have detachable attachments. This makes a very versatile bridal necklace set. For your wedding day jewelry, you will want to add glamour and accentuate the beauty of your open back wedding dress. A detachable backdrop is ideal if you want to wear your bridal necklace again or hand it down to a future bride who does not happen to be wearing a backless dress. Not just for weddings, they are the perfect jewelry for an open back gown for any occasion.

Jewelry For Open Back Dresses

This section features the separate matching back necklace add-ons. These will hook onto any of the larger, custom necklace clasps from Two Be Wed Jewelry with a ring at the top. These clasps will allow for two rings. Order from this page if you need a necklace attachment only. For example, if you have your Grandmother’s strand of pearls or a necklace you already own for prom. Many bridal backdrop necklaces can also be made with the bottom pendant in shades of blue for your “something blue”. This section will also allow you to purchase longer backdrops, some up to 12″. If you would like an even longer extension, please contact me. All collections are named, it’s the last word in the title. You can find all the pieces and sets of a bridal jewelry collection if you put the name of it in the search bar.

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