• Swarovski Choker Evening Jewelry. Round crystals and crystal rondelles are the focal piece. They are wire wrapped into a solid sterling silver chain.
  • Swarovski Choker Evening Jewelry Round Crystal Prom Necklace
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  • Round crystals between crystal rondelle spacer beads create a 1" circle and dangle from sterling silver earring wires.
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  • Front and back necklace backdrop for crystal bridal necklace sterling silver
  • Crystal Wedding Bracelet Round crystal segments with rondelle spacers, inlaid with tiny crystals, separated by sterling silver chain.

Swarovski Choker Evening Jewelry Back Necklace Crystelle


This lavish crystal backdrop necklace radiates with brilliant sparkle. This set features very large Swarovski crystals for those who love to go bold but maintain a classic look. This would be beautiful with a silver dress or gown and could be worn for a gala, on a cruise or a formal party. You will feel amazing wrapped in all this glamour, knowing that no one else will be wearing THIS.


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Clear/Colored Crystal -or- AB Coated Crystal For The Necklace and Earrings * 

The AB after the color means that the crystal has an Aurora Borealis/opalescent coating on one side of the crystal for extra sparkle. The AB coating is only available with the Clear Color.

Backdrop Crystal Color * 

Only the bottom pendant of the backdrop will be in blue if you choose it, the rest will be clear or clear AB.

Choker Necklace Length * 

Wrist Measurement * 

This is your actual wrist measurement not how long the bracelet will be. Use a fabric measuring tape, snug but not tight.

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Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Swarovski Choker Evening Jewelry Back Necklace Crystelle Collection

This Swarovski choker evening jewelry backdrop necklace set consists of the necklace and the backdrop attachment. The necklace can be worn separately for other occasions where you are not wearing a backless dress. Combining the two pieces creates a backdrop necklace.

The choker was designed in a shorter style but feel free to order it in a length you prefer. This is a fabulous look if you are a woman who usually likes bolder, chunkier, evening jewelry pieces but not to take away from your backless dress.

A focal section is created with large, round crystals in 10, 8, and 6mm. They are separated by sterling silver plated rondelle spacer beads that are inlaid with tiny crystals to catch the light brilliantly.

The detachable back necklace hangs approx. 8″. Three sections of smaller 8 and 6mm crystals, separated by crystal and silver rondelles, are wire-wrapped within the sterling silver chain. The bottom pendant has the larger 10 and 8mm crystals. (I only make this in a single backdrop due to weight.)

This large, two piece, Swarovski choker is an amazing evening jewelry set on its own or you may add the following options:


Coordinating Pieces to add to Your Swarovski Choker Evening Jewelry


  • The round, Swarovski crystal earrings hang approx. 1″. They are designed with the larger sizes of crystals, matching the backdrop. Included with the earrings are plastic backs for added security.


  • The crystal bracelet duplicates the pattern of the backdrop for a cohesive look. It has 4 segments of crystals and has a lobster clasp.


Only the finest quality solid, sterling silver chains, clasps and ear wires are used for your jewelry. However, there are some Swarovski elements that only come silver plated over brass. An example is the rondelle crystal spacer beads in this design. All jewelry is nickel-free to prevent against metal allergies.

All silver will tarnish if kept in the open air. To keep your jewelry looking as sparkly as the first day you wore it, be sure to store it in the plastic bag provided.

If you happen to be looking for more bridal and bridesmaid styles to go with your Swarovski choker, search “Crystelle”on this site. This design can be made in almost any color to match bridesmaids for a cohesive look.

I want your shopping experience to be extraordinary. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any design questions.