• Silver Sparkle Ball Necklace with Wavy Sterling Silver Beads.
  • Wavy Silver Pave Necklace Bridal Fashion Jewelry
  • Sparkly Backdrop necklace Attachment
  • Backdrop Attachment Wavy Silver Pave Ball
  • Beaded Silver Bracelet Czech Crystal ball beads between sterling silver wavy tube beads.
  • Layla
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  • 6mm and 8mm Crystal Ball Beads For Layla Bracelet

Beaded Silver Necklace Sparkly Jewelry Layla


If you are looking for a distinctive sterling silver sparkly bridal jewelry set, this is it! The smooth wavy sterling silver tube beads paired with the texture of the Czech crystal ball beads will make you sparkle from every angle.

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If you have a low back gown in your future be sure to order the backdrop! (2nd gallery photo)

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This is your wrist measurement not the length of the bracelet. Please use a fabric measuring tape or a string, snug but not tight.

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Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.

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Beaded Silver Necklace Sparkly Jewelry Layla Collection

The Layla beaded silver necklace collection features 8mm Czech crystal sparkle ball beads. They are strung between wavy, 17mm, sterling silver tube beads. The necklace is 18″ in length. If you are wearing a low back gown, The backdrop attachment will make you sparkle form all angles.

Additional Pieces of  Sparkly Jewelry to Compliment Your Beaded Silver Necklace

  • If you are having a formal, late afternoon/evening wedding or getting married on New Year’s Eve, the backdrop attachment is a must! It’s length is 7 inches and the ring at the top slides into the pave necklace clasp with the necklace ring. Together this duo will have you sparkling front to back!
  • Additionally, the optional matching earrings are approx. 1.5″ in length.
  • For even more sparkle the bracelet is a beautiful addition.

The Camryn Bridal Jewelry Set is very similar, sparkly jewelry set to this but a more delicate beaded silver necklace. It can be found here.

Usually, all jewelry by Two Be Wed Jewelry is solid sterling silver and nickel-free. This is to prevent an allergic reaction to nickel on the biggest day of your life. This set is designed with pave crystal balls that are sterling plate over brass and are also completely nickel-free.

Furthermore, I want every customer to have an a wonderful shopping experience with amazing customer service. Please feel free to contact me here for any design questions.