• Bracelet With Blue Stones Sterling Silver Chain Light Sapphire Swarovski Crystal
  • 8mm Light Sapphire Swarovski crystal dangle earrings. Solid sterling silver ball hook earring wires.
  • Blue Stone Necklace Light Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Chain

Bracelet With Blue Stones Light Sapphire Swarovski Davina


This genuine Swarovski crystal bracelet with blue stones is a beautiful way to display your something blue. This is also a great bracelet for every day wear and would  be a welcome gift for someone who loves blue.

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Bracelet With Blue Stones Light Sapphire Swarovski Demetria Collection

This bracelet with blue stones is a beautiful way to show off your something blue. Although I designed this as a gift for a bride, it has become a mainstream favorite for every day. These light sapphire Swarovski crystals are precision cut to radiate tons of sparkle. It’s obvious why these are the most sought after crystals for designers worldwide.

The three Swarovski crystals in this bracelet are 6mm. These are connected to segments of thin silver chain to create a look of floating crystals around a  wrist.

The cup-link settings are genuine Swarovski and thickly plated sterling silver over brass, therefore nickel-free. The sterling silver chain is 2mm wide with a thicker link for strength.

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  • Additionally, the blue stone necklace features the same light sapphire blue pendant as the back drop. It is 18″ of solid sterling silver with a large lobster claw clasp. Therefore, it can accommodate the back necklace attachment, described below.
  • The back chain extension falls 7″ and has 3 of the same links in clear. The back jewelry attaches to the clasp with a ring at the top. The round pendant is also 8mm, the same size as the other pieces. Coupled with the backdrop, this duo would make wonderful additions.
  • Another part of the collection to consider are the light sapphire crystal earrings. The round stones in the settings hang about 1/2″.

If you might like a longer back drop extension, visit the back drop attachment page and add the backdrop separately to your cart from there.

However, if you just want to purchase the blue stone bracelet, order from this page.