• 14x10mm Pear Shaped Crystal Back Necklace Add-on. Sterling Silver

Bridal Backdrop Necklace Attachment Pear Shaped Celina


The Celina pear shape rhinestone back necklace attachment will enhance the beauty of your low back dress or bridal gown with tons of sparkle! You may purchase the matching items in this collection here.

Backdrop Length * 

Put on any necklace and the dress you will be wearing. Measure from the necklace clasp down your back.

Bottom Crystal Color * 

Most of the color examples are on the color chart in the photo gallery. The link crystals up the chain are always done in clear. If you order the Jet (Black) the links will be done in Jet.

Event Date

Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.


Bridal Backdrop Necklace Attachment Pear Shaped Swarovski Crystal Celina Collection

This unique bridal backdrop necklace attachment will leave you sparkling front to back! The pear shape backdrop wedding necklace features a large 14 x 11 mm, pear shape, Swarovski crystal. Likewise, this shape is also referred to as a drop or teardrop shaped crystal. The crystal is in a sterling silver plated over brass setting. The lengths start at 6.5″ and go up to 11″. However, if you would like this back necklace even longer, please contact me here. It can be done! Most important, measure from the back of a necklace down your back to determine the length you would like.

This bridal back necklace attachment hooks to your bridal necklace by inserting the ring into the clasp along with the necklace ring. Insert the backdrop ring first so that it will be easier when you take it off. All necklace lobster clasps from Two Be Wed Jewelry will hold two rings.

In addition, this design is available in 3 colors. This design would be perfect back jewelry for prom or bridesmaids as well.

The pear shape back necklace attachment that comes with the Celina Bridal Jewelry Collection set is the basic length of 6.5″. The matching Bridal Jewelry Full Set is here.

Order your bridal backdrop necklace from this page if you would like to specifically:

1. Purchase this backdrop only (no necklace)

2. Need a longer backdrop

3. Order a something blue backdrop. The colors available are clear, aquamarine and black.

All jewelry is nickel-free to prevent allergies to nickel. For this reason, ordinarily, all jewelry from Two be Wed Jewelry is designed with the highest quality, solid sterling silver. Including chains and earring wires. In this instance though, the Swarovski settings are plated but are still nickel-free.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a 2-strand or double backdrop in a bridal jewelry set, be sure to visit my other site NoelleKostraba.com.