• Minimalist pearl Y necklace in solid sterling silver. Two, 4mm pearls and a 5mm pearl hang from the 2" drop.
  • 1.5" long chain earrings in solid sterling silver. A 4mm pearl at the top of the earring wire and a 5mm pearl hangs from the bottom of the chain.
  • Simple pearl back necklace add-on. Three, 4mm pearls wrapped in the chain at 1" intervals. A 5mm pearl hangs from the bottom. 6.25" in length, solid sterling silver.

Small Pearl Y Necklace Minimalist Gift For Her Claire


The Claire Small Pearl Y Necklace is a beautiful gift choice for her for any occasion. She will love the minimalist style that can go anywhere. A wedding, prom or just to make her feel beautiful.

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 Small Pearl Y Necklace Minimalist Gift For Her Claire Collection

The Claire small pearl, y necklace is a pearl and sterling silver minimalist style. The necklace is designed with two, 4mm pearls and a 5mm one at the bottom of the Y.  This piece looks amazing as a 16″ choker length but you can customize the length and have this longer if you wish.

The 1.5″ long chain earrings come in this set and are created with the same size pearls. A 4mm pearl is close to the bottom of the earring wire and a 5mm hangs from the bottom of the chai . they have silver earring wires  and clear, silicone backs are added for security

~A note about quality. Everyone wants the highest quality for their big moments. To be assured that when you pass down your bridal pieces to your future daughter or niece that your jewelry will have stood the test of time is important.

This is why Two Be Wed Jewelry designs your nickel-free bridal sets with the finest quality solid sterling silver or gold-filled chains and earring wires.


Additional pieces of this collection to add to your small pearl y necklace

  • Additionally, the optional bracelet has 3 sections of 4mm pearls with a lobster clasp. This is a very dainty bracelet because the chain is only 2mm wide. However, the links themselves are a nice thickness.


  • If you are wearing an open back dress, you might choose to add on the dainty, 6.25″ backdrop. It has three, 4mm pearls between sections of silver chain and a 5mm pearl at the bottom.


If this necklace is for a wedding, this collection comes in bridesmaids colors to match and keep a cohesive look. Contact me here with your color scheme. You can also send me photos of the dresses so I can match them as best as possible. Also, I love custom orders.


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