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Blue Backdrop Necklace Attachment Sapphire Celina


The Celina aqua blue back necklace attachment will enhance the beauty of your backless bridal gown with tons of sparkle. The most glamorous way to display your something blue!

Backdrop Length * 

Put on any necklace and the dress you will be wearing. Measure from the necklace clasp down your back.

Bottom Crystal Color * 

The link crystals going up the chain are done in clear. Choose which shade of blue you would like for the bottom crystal.

If you ordered the bracelet from above, this is your wrist measurement, not the bracelet length. Please measure with a fabric tape, snug but not tight.

Event Date

Note To Noelle About Customizations

If there is anything we communicated about regarding customizing your order previously, please post a reminder here. Example: I would like this in Burgundy.


 Blue Backdrop Necklace Attachment Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Celina Collection

This is my best selling back necklace attachment and the piece that got the attention of Brides Magazine! The Celina blue backdrop necklace attachment features a sapphire blue Swarovski crystal that is 14 x 10mm.

Choose your back drop length starting at 6.5″ to 11″. However, if your dress plunges even more, please contact me here. Be sure to measure from the back of a necklace down your back to get a feel of the length. You will want it around 3″ above the back of your dress.

This sapphire blue backdrop necklace extension attaches to the matching necklace by inserting the ring into the clasp with the necklace ring. All necklaces from Two Be Wed Jewelry feature larger lobster clasps that will hold two rings.

Your something blue can be any shade. A sapphire back necklace worn as your wedding day jewelry will be a captivating surprise for your guests.

  • The 18″ necklace features the same pendant in sapphire.
  • Additionally, the sapphire earrings hang from silver ball hook ear wires with silicone backs for extra protection.
  • The sapphire crystal bracelet has 3 crystal links between sterling silver chain and a lobster clasp.

The backdrop necklace attachment that comes with the clear colored Celina Set in this link is the starting length of 6.5″. With this in mind, if you would like to purchase the backdrop attachment only or a longer one, order from this page.

*All jewelry is designed with solid sterling silver or gold-filled chains, clasps and ear wires. Therefore, everything is nickel-free. All of the components utilized are by Swarovski and are extremely, thickly plated in silver. Your jewelry will look as bright as the day you received it, if it is stored in the plastic bag provided.

Also, some of the pieces can be made in certain shades of blue like aquamarine, light sapphire. Contact me with any design questions.