• Pink Pendant Necklace Pear Shaped Swarovski crystal in Rose with a solid sterling silver chain.
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  • Pink Pear Backdrop necklace
  • Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Sterling Silver Chain Crystal Links

Pink Pendant Necklace Pear Shaped Swarovski Crystal Celina


This pink stone jewelry, featuring a Swarovski pear solitaire crystal pendant in Rose, will add just a pop of coordinating color to your prom gown. If your gown is backless, consider the backdrop which features the pink pear with clear crystals up the chain.

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Pink Pendant Necklace Pear Shaped Swarovski Rose Crystal Celina Collection

The Celina pink pendant necklace features a 14 x 10mm, pear shaped, Swarovski crystal pendant in Rose. This large pink crystal is set in a thickly plated, sterling silver over brass Swarovski setting. The setting is a closed back for maximum brilliance.

The solid sterling silver chain is 2mm thick but the inner dimension of the links themselves are on the thicker side. Therefore, it looks perfectly delicate but it is strong as well. This set is amazing in that the front looks classically simple but turn around and the backdrop adds an alluring sophistication.

Additional Pieces of the Celina Collection to add to Your Pink Pendant Necklace

  • An absolute must is the backdrop extension if you are wearing a low back dress. Remember to plan to have your hair up if you choose this option. The 6.75″ backdrop extension is designed with three 6mm crystal links in clear and the same size pear shape pendant at the bottom as the necklace and earrings in Rose. To attach place the ring of the backdrop extension in the necklace clasp. Then, put the necklace ring into the clasp. Both rings will fit into the clasp.
  • The pink pear shaped dangle earrings will definitely brighten up your face. They are designed with the same size pendant and have silver* earring wires. Included are clear plastic backs for extra piece of mind.
  • Don’t forget your wrist. The bracelet features 4, 6mm Swarovski crystals in clear, in link settings with a lobster clasp. They also have the closed back for brilliance.


*All chains and ear wires are solid sterling silver gold-filled and nickel free.


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